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May 23 2018

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These little fruits are holding him down

free him

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Dr Kill

that’s a tiny pistol he is holding

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you can’t. you can’t fucking title your angsty mpreg fanfiction “Loss” and then expect to be taken seriously. you just can’t 

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The war on drugs is rooted in racist policies . The failure of the war and drugs is obvious. We need to find a better solution, because people of color should never be the victims of racist policies. White Americans are more likely than black Americans to have used most kinds of illegal drugs, including cocaine and LSD. Yet blacks are far more likely to go to prison for marijuana, which is not a hard drug. Moreover , even when white people get caught , they get less time in prison. 

…is that Rachael Leigh Cook, the same actress who did the original anti-drug ad when she was a teenager?

It is indeed.

She grew up, realized she’d been exploited to further a racist government agenda, and turned around to bite the hand that feeds. Awesome.

May 22 2018


we see you

Unplug your webcam when not using it, btw.


Everytime you fall in love, you lose a part of your soul to the person you love. Everytime someone falls in love with you, you get a piece of their soul. You die when you run out of soul to give. History only knows of two immortals so far, one who never found love and the other who makes people fall in love with them to purposefully extend their life.

Well, whoever the second guy is, they’re kind of a dick.
I’m the first.

eevee holds juice





A frog that, when kissed by a beautiful princess, transforms into a slightly larger frog

op change your url

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Ironically, more accurate.

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Jurassic World’s “Indoraptor” - and please see @palaeofail-explained‘s reblog for why it being genetically engineered in-universe does not explain its issues.

Here’s a quick drawing of the skull I mocked up, based on what’s implied externally, along with @skeletaldrawing‘s guide for reference:

A few things to note: 

  • The orbit (eye socket) is waaay too big, so the eyeball/sclerotic ring are just kinda floating around.
  • The back of the skull lacks (at least) the quadrate, and probably the quadratojugal as well. This means it lacks a jaw hinge.
  • The back of the skull also lacks a squamosal and occipital, as well as the aforementioned quadratojugal. This has two main effects:
  1. The temporal fenestrae are absent. These are the main points of attachment for the jaw muscles; therefore, the creature cannot close its jaw. Perhaps more significantly,
  2. These bones and this area of the skull compose the braincase. Therefore, as they are absent, the creature does not have a brain.

Looking more externally, it’s clear that the animal lacks other jaw muscles and air sacs that would be essential to real theropods. 

Its teeth make no sense, pointing in random directions and having no pattern or regularity to their distribution. They don’t seem to be well-supported either; this combined with their long, round, conical shape suggests that the creature specialises in catching fish, but it lacks any other featured associated with piscivory (such as an elongated snout, large numbers of teeth, etc).

It also entirely lacks lips. Readers who follow palaeontology will know of some debate over the presence/absence of lips in theropods, but the general consensus is thin lizard-like lips that would cover the teeth when the mouth was closed.

The way that the neck curves after leaving the back of the skull seems much too sharp for an animal with a head of this size; it likely doesn’t have the muscle or bone necessary to support it.

Finally, assuming this is supposed to be based off a dromaeosaur like Velociraptor, scaly or bare skin is just untenable. All skin impressions of dinosaurs even remotely close to them show feathers - after all, dromaeosaurs were some of the closest relatives of birds. They should be covered in feathers, including wings and a fan on the tail and some sort of down/contour feathers on the body. Places not feathered should have naked skin or scutes (distinct from scales).

And for the inevitable people who say that this doesn’t matter, that it’s genetically engineered in-universe - it does. People do get much of their education from pop culture. Dinosaurs may not be the most vital subject in the world, but constantly having one’s conceptions reinforced and science/the real world ignored for no good reason is lazy at best and actively counterintuitive to science education at worst. People should not be taught to ignore science and facts.

Reblogging because this is the science blogging I’m here for. 


You’re in a movie theater watching an action film, and realize you are in a theater filled with villains when they laugh along to the bad guys plans….

“Boy, the ending will probably disappoint them.”

May 21 2018

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It’s great for some people, just not for me.

©Luna Tiny


“i just want more muscle and a stronger jawline”

peak cis

if u just want muscle and a strong jawline, go to the fucking gym instead of pretending to be trans


I’m also pretty sure there’s no-needle treatments for HRT. It’s easier to just suck it up and use a needle, but there are other options out there.

You dont get to pick what hrt does op. Sorry that the effects of t are “too gross” for you. Lots of guys that need hrt cant get it and its not for cosmetic reasons you dip

There’s being scared of transitioning and there’s… THIS

God, this comic is disgusting and is exactly why people take issue with tucutes.

Ah man here’s ol aquafresh lamenting how she wants to be taken seriously as a trans individual but without any of the baggage that comes along with transitioning

This is the same chick who has a comic about being asexual but still enjoying/wanting sex

I was just going to second working out. Like, shit, if it matters to you, do that.

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Your heart transplant goes perfectly successful, and you leave the hospital with a new and healthy organ. But there’s one thing you don’t know—your donor? A demon.

“Suddenly, I’m really diggin’ schadenfreude. No change to my love life, though.”

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no moment like the present moment

This is the emotional polar opposite of this image:

holy shit



do u ever get a message or a comment that like isn’t OVERTLY sexual but it’s in the subtext and even though it seems completely innocent your kink alarm bell rings something like

“you’re so cute! would love to see a photo of you in some red sneakers!”

like…..that’s too specific to be innocuous…………. .

god i love this

That last one isn’t subtle.

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